Kolba Cafes

These monthly learning and networking events are open to the public and are good way for anyone interested to engage with Kolba Lab’s network of changemakers, progressive public servants, activists, techies, social entrepreneurs and students.  

By providing friendly and interactive public talks, Kolba Cafes are a platform for citizens, developments practitioners, and government officials to interact, exchange ideas and discuss a range of development challenges and solutions and build a shared development agenda.

Since 2014 we have hosted regular talks on topics ranging from Open Data and Behavioral science to Cyber Crime and Social Entrepreneurship

Everyone is welcome to join these knowledge-sharing events, though no conference formats are allowed at Kolba Cafes – just lots of enthusiasm, ideas and networking! Whether you’d like to talk, or just hear about an unusual and interesting topic, feel free to come and go whenever you want. 

By the way, previous discussions have been initiated based on users’ voting results (that means YOUR preferences), so if you have an idea for our next Kolba Café feel free to vote for it here.