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Innovating public governance in Armenia

Kolba Lab crowdsourced innovating public governance
to the employees of the Government of RA and Ministry of Justice.

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Photo Contest

"What I need for Education" photo contest is now open for YOUR submissions!What tools does a youngster need to get a quality education nowadays, whether formal or informal? Is it possible to get all the knowledge and skills one needs without even leaving the house? What inspires you to start a new book or read any article, what shapes your interests and priorities? How are new ideas and initiatives born, and how does this effect the for...

Crowdfunding and Start-ups

When you have a project idea in mind, the next step is to think of how to finance it. The sources for funding can vary: applying for grants, teaming up with a big company, taking a loan from the bank, etc. But one alternative way to finance your project is through crowdfunding, which has become more and more popular in the past couple of years worldwide. Crowdfunding is a way of raising money for a project by asking for pledges fro...

Pecha Kucha on Creative Spaces

We are happy to announce yet about another great event which became possible thanks to a great partnership with TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme and Pecha Kucha Yerevan team. We invite you to join us for evening of exploration of how space changes people's behaviour, what affects our perceptions of a space and can we interact with the public spaces and create new forms of par...

Making our education systems fit for the 21st century is not a problem that Armenia faces alone. All around the world, governments are looking critically at the way they approach education. 

The future of Armenia is dependent on whether we can shift from outdated learning behaviors, and reach out to a whole new era of technologies, resources and opportunities.

Kolba Lab is looking for activists and change-makers from across the social spectrum who have ideas for shaking up educational services, to create an active, 21st century-ready population.

Is this you?  Then join us! 9th June, 2017 is the deadline for the submission of your ideas! 

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What are you up against? And what can we all do about it?

Unlike other Kolba Challenges this space is open to all ideas. You define the challenge, you create the response… we give you help along the way.

We are looking for you, the change-maker, the activist, the innovator. No idea is too big or too small. If you have a good understanding of a problem and the passion to solve it then join us! 

Our random submissions page is always open and we are always listening. Your ideas and suggestions will be reviewed on quarterly basis, so with innovation there comes patience also!

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