We are innovation and experimentation lab working inside UNDP Armenia office. Idea incubation, Governance Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data for Development, boosting creativity and citizen engagement, data driven policy-making, social entrepreneurship: these are the main directions we work currently. 

We are open to new partnerships and collaborative projects, if you think there can be synergy between Kolba Lab and your project/initiative, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.

If you have an innovative idea addressing any social issue in Armenia, you are welcome to apply to one of our Innovation Challenges!

We have many ideas to experiment with, if you are willing to contribute to the implementation of bold and creative initiatives in Armenia, join our team as intern or volunteer, just let us know you are interested at [email protected]

You can apply to the thematic Innovation Challenges or you can submit your idea to the Random Submissions, which are reviewed on quarterly basis.

Anyway, first, you need to register at Kolba Lab’s website, get the account activation link on your e-mail address and then proceed to idea submission. 

Tip from Kolba Lab: examine the competition announcement attentively, dig into useful materials available on the website before applying for the challenge.

We at Kolba Lab think that public discussion of any idea might inspire the idea leader for better idea and/or help to crystallize the idea. Still, you can send your idea at [email protected]  indicating [IDEA SUBMISSION] in the subject line.

Only Kolba Lab team can access this e-mail address.

No, we won't sign an NDA. We don’t implement ideas, we help enthusiasts to prototype their ideas and prepare for scaling up. 

Everyone. We are accepting truly innovative ideas from individuals, commercial and social organizations, initiative groups and anyone who got interested in addressing social issues in Armenia. No limits.

Unlimited number of innovative ideas! Applicants are free to submit as many ideas as the muse inspires, let the competition happen among best ideas.

An international and local panel of judges will be invited to evaluate submitted ideas. The panel would be different for each thematic competition, engaging relevant expert fields each time.

You can read more about selection criteria here. Please remember that this is competition for IDEAS, not applicants.

As part of our idea incubation direction, we will help you to turn your idea into a working prototype, but please don’t expect us to prototype your idea ;) 

Kolba Lab supports with wide network of professionals and experts, fundraising resources and expertise, as well as creates opportunities for the winning ideas to become viable projects to be implemented together with UNDP and Government. You will get access to Kolba Lab’s network of mentors and coaches from different industries, starting from green economy to alternative finance tools. Though large share of the available support is mostly non-financial, you can expect up to $3000 seed-funding for developing working model of your idea.

Considering specificity of each application received and possible further development, Kolba Lab and the innovator (that’s you) together decide what kind of involvement is efficient for each case (the idea may become a civic initiative, start-up project, UNDP's or local government bodies’ project). We may help you with the outreach campaign, but the ownership of idea is fully yours

If you haven't found answer to you questions after reading all the Q&A above, you can message us at  our Facebook page, write at [email protected] or call us +37460 530000 *224(during working hours preferably). We will be happy to answer your questions.